Illustration ★ Animation ★ Whatever I feel like

I've been making cartoons and animations since I was in elementary school, and I just never got tired of it. I went to school for it for a while, but realized I liked making things without a production manager breathing down my neck, so that's what I do now. I like making colorful and funny art for me and my friends!

Some of my Projects

What is the Foster Care Review Board?


In 2017, I was tasked with creating a children's coloring/activity book for the Foster Care Review Board (FCRB) of Williamson County, TN. The book describes the foster care system and the FCRB in a child-friendly and interactive way.

Something Wicked

On Hiatus

"Something Wicked" is a web serial written by Jessepinwheel, about three travelers on a journey to undo curses put upon them by an evil witch. During this project, I have created character designs, illustrations, visual web elements, comics, and animated video content.

Dial-Up Fanzine


A project that unfortunately never got through the production stage, I worked on merch and a supplemental zine as part of a project celebrating Neil Cicierega's music (as a band called Lemon Demon).