Animation and Other Videos

Multimedia Project: Gender and Healthcare Inequality


A project from spring 2021 semester. The instructions were to create an audiovisual presentation about an intersectional issue of inequality, and I chose to focus on how those of various genders can be underrepresented and underserved in the medical field. All art and characters were created from scratch. Time spent from start to finish was about three weeks.

Killer - Motion Graphics + Illustration


An experiment with Clip Studio Paint's polyline lasso, limited color palettes, and composing illustrations for motion + text added in After Effects. Character is my own, inspired heavily by Team Cherry's "Hollow Knight."

Click through to view, because YouTube hates when you use copyrighted music.

Storyboards and Scraps

Projects and things which are not particularly polished/finished, but I feel are relevant examples of my skills.

1 year


A personal piece about grief and childhood pets. Made in a single night in a fugue state.

"Here Before" Hollow Knight Storyboard


A COVID lockdown project made in an abundance of free time, loosely following the events of the game "Hollow Knight." The goal of the project was to emphasize the narrative elements of the game while creating a mysterious and lush atmosphere. I produced some assets for a full version of this video in the months after I posted it, which you can view here.