Something Wicked

A fantasy web serial with a wealth of supplemental art and other materials.

"Something Wicked" (or as we affectionately call it, "Curse Squad"), is a story about three people on a hunt for the witch that cursed them. They encounter many other characters on their journey, some afflicted by similar curses to their own, and some who just want to give them a hard time.

The story itself is written by my friend Jessepinwheel, though I and a few of my other friends have made lots of art for it over the years. It's on indefinite hiatus presently, but it's very close to my heart all the same.

An early lineup I made of the three protagonists and the supporting cast/"rogues gallery" at the time. July 2019.

Curse Squad is a very informal sort of project, so a lot of the work we've done has been up to us. The characters themselves, being in a written story, allow us to experiment with designs rather than adhering to one set of designs (though I created some for my own use and consistency in my own work).

The art I've made for posts has ranged from story art (like the scene to the left from Chapter 3) to silly jokes and one-off pieces.

Including some special holiday posts, which are some of my favorites!

These videos are not work I did in an "official" capacity, but rather as a fan. Maybe a younger me would have attempted to make a Something Wicked webseries, but for now I'll settle for these and the trailer at the top of the page. These were animated for open-ended collaborative projects called "multi-animator projects" (or MAPs).